Student Projects

A growing collection of student projects - completed, ongoing, and suggestions.

So far I had the pleasure of supervising (or being involved as a co-supervisor in) over 50 student projects of various content and different kinds. It is with great pleasure that I support students to follow their passion, and acquire new knowledge. In some cases a company was involved in the project which provides the students with valuable insights into the industry.

If you are considering me as a supervisor, you can find a list of project suggestions and completed supervised projects below for inspiration.

Open Projects

You can find some interesting keywords for project ideas here:

  • Machine Learning in Mental Health applications
  • Face Generation and Deep Fakes
  • Fake Image Detection
  • Human Motion
  • 3D reconstruction
  • Image Generation and Classification

(I will add more elaborate descriptions at a later point.) Feel free to contact me with project suggestions. Be mindful that this should be rather earlier than later, because I have a limited capacity of supervisions I am agreeing to at a time. This is a concious decision to ensure the best support for your project, too.

Finalized and Ongoing Projects

In the following I will provide a list of finalized student projects which I supervised at ITU and LUH. The year indicates the year when it was officially finalized, i.e. the time of examination. If not stated otherwise the project was conducted by one student, otherwise you will find the number of students involved in the group project at the end of the line. The different abbreviations are referring to the following types

  • MSc : Master thesis
  • RP : Research Project
  • BSc : Bachelor thesis

Ongoing student projects - working titles

  • 2024, MSc, Classification of gym machines
  • 2024, MSc, 3D reconstruction of badminton matches, 2 students
  • 2024, MSc, Domain-aware embeddings for anomaly detection
  • 2024, MSc, Estimation of geo-location from images, 2 students
  • 2024, MSc, Customer behaviour analysis
  • 2024, BSc, Audio Analysis, 3 students
  • 2024, MSc, Synthesis of realistic 3D facial animation from audio

Finalized student projects at ITU

Note: Companies involved in the projects are intentionally not mentioned. Your name will only appear if you explicitly agreed to it. If you would like your name listed next to your project, please let me know message me.

  • 2024, MSc, Unmasking the Diffusion: Detecting Synthetic Images Generated by Text-To-Image Diffusion Models, Malthe Asbjørn Nørgaard
  • 2024, RP, Fit-Ai, 3 students
  • 2024, RP, Semi-supervised classification of engine parts, 2 students
  • 2024, RP, Developing a Worldwide Dataset for Image Geolocation, 2 students
  • 2024, MSc, Enhancing Visual Inspection with Synthetic Data Generation: A Deep Learning Approach for Realistic and Diverse Image Synthesis
  • 2023, MSc, Image Editing with Denoising Diffusion Models and Gradient Guidance
  • 2023, MSc, Evaluating Convolutional Neural Network Classification Performance in Building Components from Architectural Drawings
  • 2023, RP, Detecting Art Portraits Generated by Stable Diffusion, 2 students
  • 2023, BSc, Machine Learning on Yoga
  • 2023, BSc, Navigating Indoors with Computer Vision: Exploring Deep Learning Approaches for Room-Level Indoor Localisation, Jonas-Mika Senghaas
  • 2023, RP, Vision-based Hit Detection in Badminton, 3 students
  • 2023, MSc, Robust Detection of Stable Diffusion Generated Images, 2 students
  • 2023, RP, Performance comparison of anomaly detection models on systematically altered images
  • 2023, BSc, Evaluating deepfake technology, 2 students
  • 2023, RP, Physiological Measurements from Face Videos
  • 2023, RP, Localized Editing of Synthetic Images using Denoising Diffusion Implicit Models and Semantic Image Segmentation
  • 2023, RP, Exploring the Impact of Textual Inversion and CLIP Guidance on Image Generation using Stable Diffusion
  • 2023, RP, Detection of Stable Diffusion Generated Images, 2 students
  • 2023, RP, Diffusion Models for Synthetic Data Generation
  • 2022, MSc, Assessing the Severity of Bipolar Disorder using Neural Networks, 2 students
  • 2022, MSc, Towards a quantitative study approach in analysing typography as a semiotic mode, 3 students
  • 2022, BSc, Vision-based human motion analysis in gymnastics, 3 students
  • 2022, RP, 3D reconstruction based on architectural floorplans
  • 2022, RP, Assessing Bipolar Disorder using Machine Learning, 2 students
  • 2022, BSc, Facial expression transfer with machine learning, 2 students
  • 2022, MSc, Multimodal Variational Autoencoder for Metabolite Identification
  • 2021, MSc, Face characteristic similarity in regards to cosmetics, 2 students
  • 2021, BSc, Analysis of images of cylinders, 2 students
  • 2021, MSc, Augmenting Humanoid Animations Using Recurrent Neural Networks
  • 2021, BSc, Screen position estimation based on images of hands, 2 students
  • 2021, RP, Medical Image Classification (Covid-19)
  • 2021, BSc, Face Analysis with Deep Learning
  • 2021, RP, Generative Model of Human Body Motion for Walking
  • 2021, RP, Hair Care Recommendation System, 2 students
  • 2020, BSc, Medical Image Segmentation
  • 2020, MSc, Exploring the latent space of StyleGAN for semantic face editing and expression transfer
  • 2020, MSc, Analysis, alignment and classification of body motion data, 2 students
  • 2020, RP, Synthesis of Face Images Using Generative Algorithms
  • 2020, RP, Analysis, alignment and classification of body motion data, 2 students

Finalized student projects at Leibniz Universität Hannover (LUH)

Note: some works were originally written in German. I am adding the English title for convenience, and provide the original German title.

  • 2019, MSc, Automatic Face Analysis from Videos
  • 2019, BSc, 3D model of human motion (3D Modell menschlicher Bewegungen)
  • 2018, Studienarbeit, monocular model-based 3D face reconstruction employing edge information (Monokulare Modellbasierte 3D Gesichtsrekonstruktion unter Verwendung von Kanteninformationen)
  • 2018, Studienarbeit, Estimation of corresponding 3D faces from 3D face scans (Schätzung korrespondierender 3D Gesichter aus 3D Scans)
  • 2017, BSc, Estimation of high-resolution correspondences for 3D scans of faces (Schätzung hochaufgelöster Korrespondenzen für 3D Scans von Gesichtern)
  • 2017, MSc, Increasing the Spatial Resolution of 3D Surfaces Using Images
  • 2017, MSc, Alignment of 3D-Sequences of Facial Expressions
  • 2015, MSc, Correspondence Estimation of 3D Facial Point Sets
  • 2013, BSc, Influence of Modelmatrix Choices in Statistical Models for Face Representation (Einfuss der Modellmatrix in statistischen Modellen zur Repräsentation von Gesichtern)
  • 2013, BSc, Comparison of frame interpolation techniques for mouth sequences